Top 10 Tips for Shopping on Depop:

Shopping on Depop can be a bit of a minefield. It’s one of my favourite places to find individual and unique clothing items, whilst also reducing your contact with the fast fashion industry. However, getting that perfect piece for your clothing collection can be a struggle.

When you first log onto the site you suddenly have about 50 accounts follow you, despite the fact you haven’t yet liked an item, let alone put one up for sale. Then, it can feel like endlessly looking through the back of someone’s cupboard if you don’t search correctly. And when you finally find something you like, the account is selling the secondhand top for £39.99. So to help you navigate and sort the crap from the cracking, here are my top tips.

1. Search for items by account. Okay, so you aren’t looking for a specific item, but want more of a ‘browsing through a shop’ experience. Finding an item that you do like, then searching through the seller’s account is such a good way to find items. Someone with a similar style to you, is much more likely to have a range of items you like.

2. Popular items can be found on eBay for a cheaper price. This is probably my best trick when shopping on Depop. If you continue to see the same item being sold by several accounts on Depop, they are probably buying the items off of eBay and reselling them. Now, no shade to these sellers, we’ve all got to make our money somewhere, but if you do see an item you love being sold, over and over again, make sure you check eBay for it first.

For example, have you seen this top flying around a lot recently? Well, the exact same top can be found on eBay for £3.29 if you search for ‘Ruffled Crop Top’.

3. Buying in Bundles. Once you have found a seller who’s style is just what you were looking for, look for several items on their page. Buying three items from the same seller almost always means they will give you a discount, and you will get all the items in the same package. Saving money and the planet.

4. Don’t be afraid to make an offer. Lots of the time items sell at a much cheaper price than originally put up for. If you feel the item is fairly listed then do try to purchase for that price. However, you will not be the first or the last person to make a lower offer on an item on Depop. Most of the time the seller will lower the price or make a deal with you. The worst that can happen is the seller says no and you can offer a new price.

5. Check Depop before you purchase elsewhere. If you shop regularly on sites like Pretty Little Thing, Oh Polly and Asos you should always check Depop for the item you are about to purchase first. Many people resell items they forget to send back and sell them at a discounted price. This way you have the exact same, brand new item you would have purchased, but instead are helping an individual to make a bit of money back on their mistake. You do have to remember however that once purchased on Depop, you can not send an item back.

6. Always ask for exact measurements. There is nothing worse than ordering a dream pair of trousers for them not to fit. As I’ve already mentioned, you can’t send items back on Depop so this can be pretty gutting. Asking for exact measurements from the seller, before purchasing, is easy and if you don’t own a tape measure yourself you can look in the label of other clothing items you have.

7. Looking through other people’s likes. This can be seen as the sneaky way of shopping on Depop. But if you see someone with a style you love, have a look through their likes. They probably have discovered items you haven’t yet and just because they’ve liked it doesn’t make it theirs. At the end of the day, the seller wants to make a sale and you want to make a good purchase.

8. Buying at the right time of the month. If you make an offer to a seller further away from payday, which normally sits at the beginning or end of the month, they are more likely to take it. As a seller myself, the middle of the month is the period when I am most in need of a bit of extra cash. This is the best time to grab your deals.

9. Always buy through Depop. You are protected in so many ways when shopping on Depop. If someone sends an incorrect item, or it doesn’t arrive at all, you are covered. However, if you pay outside of the app all of this disappears so be careful!

10. Send nice messages. Manners cost nothing and in this case, they could end up saving you money. Everybody reacts better to friendly communication, not only making the shopping experience more enjoyable but also helping you possibly secure a better deal.

So that’s it guys! Best of luck and let me know in the comment section if you think of any tips you want to share for shopping on Depop. Oh, also thanks for reading my first ever post.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips for Shopping on Depop:

    1. Yes it can be difficult, I would recommend spending time on the photos you use as people like to see how you style the clothing, as well as the product itself. Also including a large description with lots of searchable words. Hope this helps!

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